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Finding efficient and economical solutions to logistic problems is a key issue for a pressure vessel manufacturer such as SBN. We assume complete responsibility for delivery, collaborating closely with freight forwarding specialists who provide full service including sea transport.

Depending on the size and weight of the equipment, road, rail or inland waterway routes are selected to transport it to one of the preferred North Sea ports – Antwerp, Rotterdam or Hamburg – or also to Mediterranean or Black Sea ports with suitable facilities.

Due to existing restrictions on road and rail transports – a 100 tonne weight limit and  a 4.5 m diameter limit – the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal with the ports in Linz, Bratislava or Vienna has become the best and most cost-effective option.

In view of the increasingly larger dimensions and weights of the equipment, we have had a second production site in Linz for a few years. The high-pressure vessels are prefabricated in parts in Ternitz, transported to Linz and there, finished by our qualified welders, inspected independent third party authorities and then loaded directly onto the river barge.





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