Headquarters Christof Group Austria, 8051 Graz, +43 316 6855 000

Legal Notice


Christof Holding AG
Glacisstrasse 37
8010 Graz

T +43 50 661 - 0
F +43 50 661 - 61307
E contact@christof-group.com


Legal form: Aktiengesellschaft [public limited company]
Head office: Graz
Commercial Register Court: Graz Regional Court fo Civil Matters
Commercial Register Number: 233467i
Tax no.: ATU57002834

Object of the company

  1. The acquistion of shareholdings
  2. The administration of these shareholdings, exercising management functions and unified management
  3. Acquisition and administration of real-estate assets
  4. The occupational training of employees in the comprehensive field of business management
  5. The Company furthermore has further rights that indirectly or directly serve the achievement and promotion of the Company purpose.
  6. Trade with goods of all kinds as well as the distribution of products produced by the daughter companies
  7. The Company is generally entitled to establish branches and daughter companies inside and outside Austria, outsource businesses or the entire company to one or more daughter companies, participate in other companies with a similar company objective to the one above and to effect all transactions and to take all measures necessary or useful for the achievement of the company objective.

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