Headquarters Christof Group Austria, 8051 Graz, +43 316 6855 000

Copper forge

The in-house specialist workshop for copper work and small parts guarantees international quality standards. This workshop also forms the basis for our high-quality apprentice training.

Markete requirements

ACE has maintained the tradition of the in-house coppersmiths until this day and is thereby about to produce small parts, which have been individually adapted to customer requirements, in an uncomplicated way

Our solutions for our customers

The company has its roots in a coppersmith's. ACE would like to continue to uphold this tradition and operates a special workshop in which, alongside copper, aluminium, iron and stainless steel are also processed. The product portfolio comprises the repair and new production of distillation units as well as other copper work such as copper boilers etc.





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Partnerships and co-operations

A widely spread network of co-operations and partnerships documents the high standard of the Christof Group.


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