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National Coat of Arms and series of awards

Picture inscription
Left picture: f.l. WKÖ-General secretary Anna Maria Hochhauser, Board of Director Gernot Schieszler, Chairman of the Board Supervisory Johann Christof, ACE Managing Director Markus Fuchsbichler and KSV1870-Board Johannes Nejedlik
Right picture: f.l. ACE Managing Director Markus Fuchsbichler being awarded the Austrian National Coat of Arms by the Minister for Enonomic Affairs, Reinhold Mitterlehner



ACE in a celebratory mood: The Minister for Economic Affairs, Mr Mitterlehner, awarded the certificate that gives ACE the right to bear the National Coat of Arms in the future. At the competition organised by the prestigious Wirtschaftsblatt business newspaper and Price Waterhouse Coopers,  "Austrian Leading Companies", ACE were very successful also: After the victory in Styria, ACE is also in 1st place in all Austria.

For Managing Director Markus Fuchsbichler, the last few weeks were dominated by honours and awards that clearly underline the successful path of ACE in the past few years. The victory as the best medium-sized company in Austria at the competition "Leading Companies of Austria" was definitely the highlight. Managing Director Markus Fuchsbichler and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Johann Christof sen. received the prize as part of of a large gala in the Lichtenstein Palace in Vienna.

Just beforehand, ACE was awarded Best Styrian Company in the same category and the Minister for Economic Affairs, Reinhold Mitterlehner awarded the certificate of the right to bear the Austrian National Coat of Arms to the Christof Group's apparatus engineering company, which is based in Lieboch.

Markus Fuchsbichler sees this as proof that the continued work of the last few years has paid off and especially traces the success back to the outstanding teamwork in the company: "I would especially like to thank all ACE employees. Without their commitment we would never have won this award." For Fuchsbichler, the close cooperation with the entire Group and with the owning family, Christof, is also equally important. Fuchsbichler: "We complement each other very well; that is the basis of success."

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