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ACE is a constant for the petrochemical industry

Petrochemicals and refineries are the main customers of ACE Apparatebau. The company, belonging to the Christof Group, had a turnover of €31.6 million in the previous year.

Lieboch: In Lieboch, ACE Apparatebau construction & engineering GmbH produces apparatus for the petrochemical industry, refineries, the paper and steel industry, but also for industrial environmental technology. The company, with 84 employees, belonging to the Styrian Christof Group, had a turnover of €31.6 million in the previous year.

ACE was originally founded in 1911 as a coppersmith's and in the 1980s it entered into apparatus engineering. In 1999 the company was taken over by Christof after an insolvency and was set on a successful course once again. The customers include, among others, the German refinery group Miro and the OMV.

90 percent of the apparatus produced in Lieboch are exported, especially to the main markets of China, Pakistan and the Near East. ACE sees future opportunities in Russia and Africa. Industrial environmental technology, which currently makes between ten and 20 percent of the turnover, will also be promoted.

Company on the go

ACE Managing Director Markus Fuchsbichler considers the strengths of the company to lie in "the fact that we are on the go and innovative; in the production sector we always try to be at the latest state-of-the -art". Quality, and prices at the usual going market rate are a basic requirement anyway, but ACE's adherence to deadlines is also important.

Fuchsbichler is proud of the fact that "we always try to offer our customers a solution package". In this way, many apparatus are developed together with the customers. An asset of ACE is "our flexibility; we can react rapidly to the needs of our customers; that is only possible together with the employees", who completely stand behind the company. During the crisis, ACE held up well, "I believe that our employees realised then, how good the company really is", Fuchsbichler is convinced.

Wirtschaftsblatt article, Austria's leading companies, 18.10.2011

The Managing Director of ACE Apparatebau, Markus Fuchsbichler, considers the strengths of the company to be in restless activity, innovation and the offering of solution packages.





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