Headquarters Christof Group Austria, 8051 Graz, +43 316 6855 000

Pressure vessels

Our spectrum of services includes pressure vessels up to a maximum vessel pressure of 750 bar.

Market requirements

Every customer, national as well as international, has individual requirements and needs in product procurement. For us, these demands are a top priority. We produce pressure vessels in various formats for the most varied fields of use in co-ordination with our customers. Our customers have trusted in this for decades.

Our solutions for our customers

ACE produces vessels, in every type, that can be complemented by additional equipment such as heating, cooling and mixing devices. The vessels up to a diameter of 5.4 m are produced in monowall construction in-house; for larger dimensions, split deliveries as well as the final assembly take place in Linz heavy load port. ACE also has a high level of experience with vessels in the field of sour gas.





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Partnerships and co-operations

A widely spread network of co-operations and partnerships documents the high standard of the Christof Group.


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